Scale your farm with help from the food production experts 

Whether you are a small or large-scale farmer, access all the right support and resources to help you guess less, grow more, minimize losses, maximise profitability, and connect to new markets.  

For large-scale farmers

We offer a robust solution for commercial farmers like you which includes providing access to quality inputs and mechanization, production and post-harvest services, and access to global buyers.

For smallholder farmers

We empower you with the tools and technology to increase your agricultural productivity while also connecting you to global buyers. Our grower-agents work closely with smallholder farmers to bridge the technology and knowledge gap.

Become a grower agent with Complete Farmer

Work directly with smallholder farmers and earn a commission

Become an Agent

The all-in-one farming solution for existing farmers

Take your farm to new heights and achieve the next level of growth in your farming business with the platform that equips you to grow and earn more with less. 

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How Complete Farmer Grower helps you scale your farm for more profit

The platform is equipped with a wide range of features aimed at helping you scale profitably and sustainably as a small or large-scale farmer.

Demand-driven Production

Get easy to implement crop production guidelines developed by our team of expert agronomists to help you increase your yield and deliver quality commodities while staying within budget.

The Farm Manager Academy

Build farm management expertise. Manage Farms. Earn with Complete Farmer 

Farm Manager Academy

Smallholder farmer impact

We are leading the way by empowering smallholder farmers with the resources and technology for sustainable food security. Learn more about how we work with smallholder farmers to protect the environment, drive increased yield and enable shared prosperity.

Small Farmer Impact
Small Farmer Impact


Sign up

Sign up

Get started as a grower by signing up in a few easy steps.

Add land and farm manager

Add land and farm manager

Add your own land and farm manager or lease from our marketplace.

Get matched to a buyer

Get matched to a buyer

Get matched with a reliable buyer who perfectly suits your profile.

Farm and harvest

Farm and harvest

Farm and harvest with precision farming tools with support from our agronomists.

Sell and get paid

Sell and get paid

Get paid instantly after moving your yields to the nearest fulfilment centre.

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Sweet Potato
Varieties: Solo Gold, Beauregard, Apomuden
Chili Pepper
Varieties: Birds Eye, Cayenne, Legon 18
Soya Bean
Varieties: Jenguma
Varieties: White Ginger
Varieties: Smooth Cayenne, MD2, Sugar Loaf
Varieties: Yellow corn, White Maize

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Discover the latest tips and insights on food and agricultural production on our blog.

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See how we help you maximise your yield, connect you to new markets and increase your profitability. With CF Grower.


Discover the latest tips and insights on food and agricultural production on our blog.