Data driven precision agriculture.

We use data driven cultivation protocols to grow food precisely in order to meet industrial specifications and quality with big data and analytics for a rewarding farming experience.

Mechanization and improved crop production.

We use tools designed for commercial farming to get the best out of Africa’s soils. We practice conservative cultivation with environmentally friendly agriculture practices.

Peer-to-peer farm produce marketplace

We connect you to vetted and trustworthy global buyers and brands who are in search of farm produce for their production.

Rebranding Agriculture in Africa and making it accessible to everyone.

The convenience of modern day Farming.

Risk mitigated farming

For Crowd Farmers, Farms are insured against natural hazards including floods, pests, and droughts. Buyers can insure their purchased produce as it moves from farm to factory and with full traceability.

Earn profits farming or save cost sourcing.

Farm alone or with friends and family and monitor your crops progress online. Sell your crops to your preferred buyers and earn profits from your farms.

Get updates, Farm and source on your digital devices.

Avoid middlemen or relying on inefficient supply chain players. Complete Farmer provides a range of trusted service providers to ensure that your get the best from the agriculture value chain.

Everyone eats, Everyone Farms.

Contribute to producing food to ensure that future generations don’t go hungry. With our approach and creation of circular farming economy we have created a sustainable way to getting the best out of the land, the people and the resources with an innovative operational framework.

Let the experts farm for you.

with Our expert farm managers, crop scientists, engineers and business professionals, you can count on world class experience as we get our hands dirty for you. We work hard so that you can easily farm from the comfort of your home.

Secured and trusted infrastructure.

Our platform is engineered to deliver an exciting farming experience to you. All transactions, data, and information is secured and our partners are trusted to deliver you excellent services.

A whole new perspective to ensuringFood security.


Complete Farmer approach.

Experience and navigate the entire agriculture value chain with a few clicks and explore the possibilities of farming with Complete Farmer.

Current Farms Available

Complete Farmer is already farming in the following locations. More farms will be added in new locations soon. Become a crowdfarmer to farm one of these farms or an offtaker to buy from these farms.

Trusted Partners

We are backed by trusted and proven service providers to serve your needs.

Mest Accra

MEST is a pan-African entrepreneurial training program, seed fund, tech incubator and hub for Africa’s next leading software entrepreneurs.

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