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Source quality crops grown to your specifications from our network of qualified growers and delivered seamlessly and reliably to you.  

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The better way
Traditional processes

High Quality Crops

Easy Digitized Process

Direct Access to Farmers

Transparent Monitoring

Real Time Visibility Into Available Supply

Experience crop sourcing on autopilot from order to fulfilment

We take care of every step from production to shipment so you can confidently crush your procurement targets. Repeatedly.

Easy online ordering: Choose to either source readily available crops or customize your order to fit your specific needs

Fast grower matching: Get matched with a pre-assessed farmer who will use our data-driven cultivation protocols to grow quality crops

Transparent monitoring: Track and monitor each stage of production on your personal dashboard

Reliable delivery: Produce is shipped to your desired destination in safe and secure packages


Make smarter business decisions backed by data and stay ahead of food production trends with useful insights that cuts through the noise.

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See how we make crop procurement easier for you and help you crush your targets with confidence. With CF Buyer.


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