Our Farms

Our Farms

Our demarcated catchment farms for our customers.

Catchment Area 1


Location: Hodzo. Volta region. Ghana.

Size: 4000 Acres

Ecological Zone: Coastal Savanna

Crops grown by CompleteFarmer: Cassava

Type of Soil:  Loam – Loams are the most useful “all around” soils; they combine the lightness and earliness of the sands, with the strength and retentiveness of the clays. Loams contain from 40 to 60 per cent, of sand, and 15 to 25 percent, of clay. They “work up” easily, do not crust or crack, are well supplied with plant food, and, what is chiefly important, water moves through them freely and still they are not leachy. Practically all farm crops grow satisfactorily on a loam. It requires no special treatment, except such attention to good tillage, drainage, and the addition of humus as is a necessary part of the best farm practice everywhere.

Climate: Temperature range 23.2 – 31.6 Degrees Celsius. Average rainfall 32 mm – 236 mm. Average relative humidity 77% – 85%. Mean monthly sunshine 144 – 235 hours. Wind speed 6 – 19 km/h

Description: A serene country size land for the cultivation of cassava. It is located at a green plain land with a good topography. It is well placed on the outskirts of Ho. The farm has good road access and electricity. Farm activities are fully mechanized with tractors and ploughs for land preparation, cultivation and harvest. The farm site is secured with security personnel and staff on site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The farm site has a sensory network to collect data and provide useful farm analytics.

Catchment Area 2

Location: Afram Plains. Eastern Region Ghana

Size: 1000 Acres (can be expanded further)

Ecological Zone: Transitional

Crops grown by CompleteFarmer: Pineapple

Type of Soil: Sandy clay loam contains 20 to 35% clay, less than 28% silt, and 45% or more sand consisting of an iron-rich, humus-poor mixture of kaolinitic clay with quartz and other constituents, and which changes irreversibly to a hardpan or to irregular aggregates on exposure to repeated wetting and drying with free access of oxygen. Soil colours are less reddish in cool regions than in warmer climates. Mostly fertile soils and suitable for a wide range of agricultural uses.

Climate: Temperature range 26.1 – 32.0 Degrees Celsius. Average rainfall 21 mm – 190 mm. Average relative humidity 77% – 85%. Mean monthly sunshine 151 – 240 hours. Wind speeds 6 – 19 km/h

Description: Lying perfectly in the Afram plains, this land is located in the food baskets of Ghana. It has a close proximity to water streams that have fresh water for irrigation of crops. Enjoy a boat ride across the volta lake to this serene location. All farm activities are mechanized and good agric practices are observed. The sensory network gives farm data for farm optimization. Crop production is data driven and research proven. The farm has dedicated staff and security and is protected from bush fires. Extension officers and agronomy officers are present to make sure that plant growth is optimised and yields are improved.


Catchment Area 3


Location: Northern Region. Ghana

Size: 12000 Acres

Ecological Zone: Northern Savanna

Crops grown by CompleteFarmer: Groundnut, Soybean, Maize

Type of Soil: Sandy loam soil is one of the most preferable types of soil for many types of plants. Planting in loam soil with a high percentage of sand is the same as planting in normal loam soil, but extra amendments may be made to compensate for slightly lower water retention rates. Sandy loam drains well but holds few nutrients and doesn’t hold water. Cereals like sandy loam soil, especially if it is warm. Cereals and grains will thrive in the same soil type as legumes. It has typically a brown to dark brown surface horizon over a (greyish) brown to strong brown or red argic subsurface horizon.

Climate: Temperature range 27.0 – 41.0 Degrees Celsius. Average rainfall 3 mm – 221 mm. Average relative humidity 19% – 70%. Mean monthly sunshine 122 – 300 hours. Wind speeds 1 – 11 km/h

Description: A flat grassland which lies fallow in the northern region of Ghana. The site experiences very cold nights and warm days. The farm site is dedicated for growing of legumes, cereals and grains. Farm activities are fully mechanized for all farm operations and management and and expanding irrigation facility for the land. It is located out of poaching sites and has constant staff and security on site. The farm is equipped with sensory networks to monitor and record data.  This catchment area has many agronomy and extension officers using research proven techniques to improve yields.

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