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Become a Complete Farmer and be on your way to owning a profitable farm business and farm from the comfort of your home.

Why Complete Farmer

Become a Complete Farmer and be on your way to owning a profitable farm business and farm from the comfort of your home.

Ensure Food Security

Farming with Complete
Farmer ensure food
security for ourselves
and our generations


Promotes Nutritious Eating

Grow food that is rich in
nutrients and improve lives by
supporting healthy lifestyles
with fresh food


Make Extra Money

Farming with us can
provide you a healthy
source of income and
increase your wealth


Leave a Legacy

Your farm can last you generations
and help in creating social and
economic impacts in the lives of


Join an interactive Community

Become a member of passionate
farmers making a difference in the
world through farming


Make the World a Better Place

Owning a farm can help in creating a
better world where food is not a
privilege for a few.


Complete Farmer has put together a bundle of features to help you mange your farm. This is designed to make it easy to farm without discarding your regular routine.

Interactive Dashboard

Monitor your farm’s work and track
work progress. Our interactive
dashboard puts our farm in your
pocket. Get updates and make
request from your devices


Mechanized Farming

Your farm gets built with state of the
art farming technologies. We use
tractors, harvesters, planters, and
sprayers to get the best out of your
farm from planning to market.


Best Management Practices

Our farm managers are trained and
stationed on the farm to ensure work is
being conducted in the right manner.
They are experienced and they are
committed to getting the job done to
make your farm work for you.


Climate Smart Agriculture

We use best practices to build your
farm and preserve the environment.
With a smart sensor grid integrated
into your farm, we are able to respond
to needs of your farm and protect the
environment whiles at it.


Crop Insurance

We insure our farms against climate related
disasters, pests, bush fires, and other
natural epidemics. This way your
investment is protected from the perils of


Market Access

We have market partners ready to buy the
produce from your farm and we have also
logistic partners to get your farm produce to
these markets without damaging the produce
before they get to market.

Frequently Asked Questions

CompleteFarmer is a “crowd farming” platform that gives users the opportunity to own and manage on their devices anywhere. CompleteFarmer uses the latest farm mechanization technologies to get the best yields and return guaranteed interest on users investment. The CompleteFarmer solution starts from planning your farm to selling your produce to market partners at a premium price for a healthy return on users investments.

Crowd Farmers farm with other users in a designated catchment area, They do not need to provide land or any input. They own the farm by making an investment for a planting season on a preferred number of acres for a return on their investment after a planting season. Crowd farmers are guaranteed a return on their farm investment.

Convenience. With CompleteFarmer you don’t have to discard your regular busy schedule to own and manage your farm you get to know and control all farm activities with a few clicks and monitor all farm instructions being carried out. We allow you to literally farm from the comfort of your home with ease.

Make some good money. As a CompleteFarmer you get a guaranteed return on your investment. Farming is big business and CompleteFarmer has drastically reduce the risks by getting market for your harvest even before we plant your first seed.

Efficiency is key for farming success. And we use mechanized services, irrigation, drones climates smart IoT technologies to make farming accessible to our users, without having them go through the hustle of engaging middlemen, time wasting and facing extreme odds for your farming venture.

Add some adventure to your life. CompleteFarmer provides an escape from busy city life and gives users the opportunity to experience farming life on our serene catchment areas. You can schedule a farm visit and get to hang out with farmers and learn to do some fun farm work.

Depending on the preferred crop you want to farm CompleteFarmer uses the best and research proven practices to make sure your farm records the best yields. CompleteFarmer places an insurance on you farm to guarantee that your investments are protected. We do everything humanly possible to make your farm a success. We have experience and trained farm manager on site to attend to and pamper your crops for the most optimal yields.

To get a customized package from CompleteFarmer you can select the Freeholder Package from the dashboard sign up and talk directly to a CompleteFarmer agent about a customized package. Or you can schedule a call here for a CompleteFarmer agent to call you to discuss and plan your package.

To farm in the catchment area, select the Crowd farmer package and select the crop of choice to farm from the dashboard sign up and see the crop investment costs. All crops have different costs of investments depending on the crops maturity duration. CompleteFarmer gives you different crop options with different maturity durations to give you timely returns on your investments.

Freeholders (land owners) can farm their preferred crop and can get free consultation from CompleteFarmer on the best crop to farm on their lands and help them get the most out of their lands and harvests. From planning to harvest, CompleteFarmer would instill best practices on your farm and give you the best  markets deals for your harvest.

Crowd Farmer can farm the crop options listed in the Crowd Farmer dashboard sign up list. We update our crop list to make sure crowd farmer do not miss any opportunity and can get the best out of the market for their harvest. CompleteFarmer is now open to farming Cassava, Pineapple, groundnut, Tomatoes, Pepper.

Yes. CompleteFarmer users can see all farm work and progress from their CompleteFarmer dashboards and get live drone feed of farm progress. Visits can also be scheduled on the dashboard to the farm. CompleteFarmer make all the necessary arrangements to get you to your farm safely. This farm visits are scheduled periodically and limited for Crowd farmers and unlimited for freeholder farmer however please make request beforehand to enable us make the necessary arrangement for your visit.

You get periodic updates of farm work and progress from your dashboard. Completefarmer also sends you picture updates to your dashboard to help you monitor your farm.

Complete Farmer creates a special account for your farm with GT Bank Ghana. This bank account is mainly to operate and run your farm. After harvest users can access their account directly or via visa cards to access their funds and the return on their investments.

CompleteFarmer locates farms in areas with historic data and satellite data of experiencing favourable farming conditions for specific crops. We also observe good farming practices which prevents certain hazards on the farms and these minimizes the risks of pest. We use irrigation farming so do not rely on the weather to farm. CompleteFarmer also insures the farms and hence your investment is well protected.

CompleteFarmers can farm a minimum of an acre for any crop. Uses can select the number of acres to farm during the dashboard sign up and can farm as many acres as desired.

Great!!! Sign up and create an account on the CompleteFarmer dashboard by clicking here  and let’s start farming. You may also get in touch with us here if you have special needs.

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