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Don’t let your harvested produce go to waste, sell your commodities to trustworthy global industry buyers by becoming a Complete Farmer Grower and farm with Complete Farmer.


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With Complete Farmer's cutting-edge technologies and proprietary cultivation protocols, you can farm to meet export market demands.

Trade with a buyer of your choice from a selection of vetted buyers on the platform, without the interference of any middleman.

With the Complete Farmer Grower model, build and manage your farms using Complete Farmer’s farm management system and leveraging on the Complete Farmer supply chain infrastructure to build, manage and run efficient farms.

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    Together, we are digitizing the
    agriculture value chain

    "After a long search for a key distributor of agricultural produce in West Africa, I came by complete Farmer, a highly innovative tech company that deals with the finest produce for exports. My experience has just been amazing and I look forward to establishing a very long term partnership with Complete Farmer."

    "My frequent information request was always eventually provided. I am very happy, because for me it is a great investment with a good outcome. Of course, I really like your attitude and the concept behind your company and If I can earn money by supporting a business like yours which is truly revolutionising the agricultural sector, what could be better? I am not a farmer here and these are my first steps into agriculture but I want to continue and it is a part of my investment strategy now."

    "Farming is profitable but it’s also hard work so I was happy to find out that I could profit from it without having to go through the stress. I was a bit hesitant at first because of the swindle stories I see online but with Complete Farmer, my fears proved totally unfounded. They were very transparent and kept me in the loop throughout the farm cycle with regular updates on my farm progress. At the end of the cycle, I received my payout just as they had promised. It was a great experience"

    "From a reliable Customer Service to a captivating website my engagement with Complete Farmer has been fulfilling. Also, I receive timely updates on my farm progress. I’m looking forward to us having more deals this year and many years to come."

    Viknesh Ghandi

    Josef Max Hajda

    Nana Ama Reeni

    Abdul Hark