How to Become a Complete Farmer Digifarmer

Sena Wuaku


For most people, when they think of farmers, the only mental image they have is somewhat tattered clothes and dirty hands. They equate farmers to old, poor and uneducated people living in rural areas trying to grow crops to make money for their livelihood. The majority of people are not so fascinated by the production of food, the materials involved in the production, or even the processes involved in large-scale productions.

Agriculture in the twentieth century has derived powerful support from landmark scientific discoveries. Fortunately, continued advances in molecular biology, biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology, and space science offer new opportunities for making agriculture highly productive, more efficient, and sustainable, concerning the use of natural resources and modern farm inputs.

Even though the farming industry is essentially denoted as one of the tedious industries and requires lots of brains and expertise to maneuver. One can farm in a revolutionary way and profit from the comfort of their homes, generate income and returns without getting their hands dirty as a Digifarmer.

As a digifarmer, you own and manage your farm on Complete Farmer and contribute to the agricultural value chain. Digifarmers farm digitally and monitor their farms’ activities from their mobile phones and other compatible devices. They choose buyers of their choice by selecting from vetted buyers on the platform to sell their harvested crops to. They also receive insights and real-time monitoring of their farm processes from land preparation to post-harvest results.

Complete Farmer has developed a system to make individuals profitable farmers without moving an arm or disregarding their professional work.

To set up a farm, and conveniently watch your crops grow, get real-time weather feeds, soil and crop health updates, and verifying yields on your digital device while selling your harvested crops to entire industries to earn more profits is definitely a 21st Century convenience.

The future where farming is a lifestyle and not an occupation is here. You can become a digifarmer by following the steps below:

  • Visit
  • Click the START A FARM button to begin.
  • On the pop-up dialogue box, kindly fill out all the details required to complete your registration. You should be taken to your farm board after you have completed your registration.
  • Choose a crop of your choice to start farming.
  • Choose a mode of payment and complete the process.

Voila! You are in the new age of the agricultural revolution.

Benefits of Being a Digifarmer

  1. Make Profits from your Farm: Sell your harvested produce to buyers of choice from vetted buyers on the platform.
  2. Digitally monitor your farm: Easily track farm activities with satellite images, sensors, and amongst others, from your mobile devices. There is thorough transparency.
  3. Receive updates on your farm: Get insights and real-time feedback on your farm processes from land preparation to post-harvest results.

Digital technologies — including the internet, mobile technologies and devices, data analytics, artificial intelligence, digitally-delivered services, and apps — are changing agriculture and the food system. These technological advances can support the goal of achieving more resilient, productive, and sustainable agriculture and food strategies, which better meet consumer needs. Complete Farmer’s work is central to this growth and advancement around the world to achieve food security, and becoming a digifarmer is central to this. There you have it; how easily you can become a Digifarmer and earn profits long term. Think of this as your contribution to feeding the world and making it a better place.

Join the revolution today