Complete Farmer Organizes Fun Hiking to Bond Activity

Randy Opoku Barimah


When the body calls for a refresher after continuous creativity and smart working activities, what better way to respond than with a hike. For which, we definitely did.

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Over the weekend, the entire Complete Farmer team participated in a healthy exercise to mark the first hiking activity of the year which helps spice up staff’s focus, health, and togetherness.

The first exercise was held at the Forestry Commission’s Shai Hills Resource Centre on Saturday, 6th March 2021. Before the hike, we engaged in numerous competitive board games including Uno, know the answer, monopoly, and scrabble, among other competitive board games.

Many endured the exercise activities including cliff climbing, cave scouting, and hiking on Shai Hills’ Yumo; nonetheless, it was all smiles and awe when it came to sighting zebras, giraffes, ostriches, and even embracing snakes. Yes, you read right.

While Desmond was making the python’s acquaintance, having fun and posing for the gram, many of the staff were busily enjoying sumptuous meals provided by Complete Farmer on the trip. Foods on the menu included Jollof, fried yam and plantain, banku, chicken, tilapia, drinks, and an amazing goat soup.

You may be asking yourself “was this a hike or a party?”, it was a fun exercise activity that ended up as an eventual staff bonding celebration. Desmond, our CEO, used this opportunity to mention to the team Complete Farmer’s new financial development and went on to urge us to shed any toxicity towards each other and to remind ourselves of the importance of the hike. Which is to foster togetherness amongst staff as family, and to get in good shape.

He went on to say that such events will be planned on a regular basis to enable employees to actively communicate with one another, renew friendships, and improve productivity.

As much as the hiking activity was physically draining for many, this was an initiative that brought the team together and created more of a family rather than corporate acquaintances and colleague-relationships.

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