Complete Farmer 2.0, Your Questions Answered.

Woena Agordah


Farming everywhere has always been described as a daunting task by many. Be it by the media or testimonies from farmers themselves or even the sellers of the produce. And it is, in fact, one of the most tasking jobs you can ever do, from nursing your seedlings to sprout, up until harvest.

That’s where Complete Farmer comes in, the digital world of farming. We bring you the futuristic farming experience at a very affordable present-day cost. It is a very simple way to achieve the dream many have of getting involved in agriculture in some way. For some, it’s an aspiration to be checked off during their retirement stages, while for others it’s a lifelong dream. But both can be realized at Complete Farmer. Our purpose is to feed tomorrow and by helping people realize their true goals, our purpose also nears fulfilment, one step at a time.

It’s against this backdrop that Complete Farmer launched the end-to-end digital platform that enables global industries (Buyers) to source agriculture commodities, grown to their specifications, by users (Digifarmers & Growers) from all over the world using IoT, big data and blockchain technology.

The Digifarmer product simply allows for anyone to be a farmer from the comfort of their homes. And no, you don’t have to get your hands dirty or physically get involved. Our team of experts are available to manage your farms on a day to day basis and with our live satellite transmission, you receive insights and real-time monitoring of the farming process from land preparation to post-harvest results right on your farming dashboard. Not to talk of the fact that you get to sell your harvested produce to a buyer of your choice from a selection of vetted buyers on the platform. Yes, you read right. Everything is sorted from the point of sowing to when you sell it. All on the same platform, without leaving your house. It’s the revolutionary fun way to farm.

The Buyer product makes it possible for global industries to procure farm produce from the source, grown to their specification by users all over the globe. They get to have their preferred commodity delivered to the location of their choice without having to go through any middleman. Yes! Thanks to Complete Farmer, the days of getting manipulated by middlemen are over.

Our Grower product was developed to help farmers achieve more out of farming. You may ask how the grower product is doing this? The grower product allows experienced farmers who own farms of their own to grow with precision thanks to Complete Farmer’ proprietary cultivation protocols which ensures the harvested produce is of the highest quality that meets the strict requirements of the international market.

Now, that may have been a lot to unpack, but don’t worry, we’ve carefully selected below some popular questions we have received under all of these products to help answer any question you may have on any of the products:


Q: How does the Digifarmer platform work?
It’s simple! When you buy a farm on our platform, our skilled farmers and farm managers handle the farming using data-driven protocols and research-proven practices as well as mechanisation. Throughout the farm cycle, we keep you up to date on the farm’s progress by sending regular farm updates to your dashboard, from land preparation to post-harvest results. After harvest, you get to choose a buyer of your choice from a selection of vetted buyers on the platform to sell your harvested yields to and you get paid for your produce.

Q. What’s the difference between a Digifarmer and a Crowd farmer?
We previously called users who participated in our “farm from home’’ offering on our former platform “Crowdfarmers” but with our recent rebrand, we’ve changed the name to “Digifarmer” which essentially means the same thing.

Q: How do I monitor my farm and know the progress of work on my farm?
Complete Farmer uses IoT and satellite technologies to make sure that Digifarmers can have live monitoring of the farm and work progress. Digifarmers can also see the status of their crops and weather conditions in real-time. Complete Farmer sends Digifarmers regular updates with pictures and videos to capture the noteworthy moments on the farm.

Q: How is profit determined and how much profit will I make from a farm?
After the sale of your farm produce, Complete Farmer charges a brokerage fee on the “net profit” made in the transaction. Read more on net profit-sharing in our terms and conditions.

Q: How long do I own the farm?
Your farm purchase is for one production cycle, that is, from planting to harvest. This is typically 5–10 months depending on the crop being farmed. Unless you decide to farm a particular farm in multiple cycles, in that case, you own that farm for the total duration of the production cycles.

Q. Do I determine which buyer to sell my harvest to?
After harvest and confirmation of yield, you can go to the Farmer’s Market on your dashboard and select your preferred buyer from a list of buyers. Complete Farmer guarantees Digifarmers buyers buying at world competitive prices.

Q: How and when do I get paid for the sale of my farm crops?
You get paid once the selected buyer receives yield at the end of the farm cycle based on their sourcing needs. You can monitor the sales process on your dashboard as well.

Q: Is there a guarantee of getting a buyer after the harvest of my farm produce?
Complete Farmer ensures that a buyer’s order is confirmed before making farms available on the website. All farms of DigiFarmers have trusted buyers awaiting your harvest.

Q: Is it possible to visit my farm during production?
Yes. Complete Farmer allows DigiFarmers to visit their farms during the production period. Farm visit days will be announced on your dashboard.

Q: How are cooperative members paid after the sale of farm harvest?
Cooperative members are paid immediately after the sale of crops to a buyer, with respect to the Buyer’s specified INCOTERM rules. Members will be paid based on the percentage of their contribution to the cooperative.

Q: How do I get started as a DigiFarmer?
To get started, signup and register as a Digifarmer (if you haven’t already) or sign in and explore the available farms for cultivation.


Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?
Depending on the crop you order, this will take an average of 6 to 8 months to grow crops to meet your specifications and deliver to you. Complete Farmer sales agents can advise you on when to schedule your order.

Q: What international trade framework does Complete Farmer use?
Complete Farmer uses the International Chamber of Commerce framework for international trade and uses INCOTERM 2020 rules to facilitate trading with buyers.

Q: Does Complete Farmer provide insurance for goods in transit?
Goods in transit can be insured depending on the buyer’s request. A sales agent will work with you to determine your insurance needs and help you get the right insurance to cover your trade risks.

Q: What documents are required to place an order with Complete Farmer?
All documents required to place an order on the Buyer platform can be found on the dashboard. From signing sales contracts, and making purchase orders to shipping packing lists, the document management system makes all the documentation needed for your order available in one place.

Q: How do I get verified on the Complete Farmer platform?
To get verified, during sign up, Complete Farmer will ask for some documents (incorporation certificates, trade certificates, references, etc) for due diligence purposes. Getting verified gives you the opportunity to access trade financing and flexible terms when sourcing for your crop commodities.

Q: How am I able to monitor the production of my order?
Complete Farmer offers end-to-end traceability using blockchain technologies, from production to transportation as well as all the actions being taken to supply your order. You get traceability reports, auditors reports, quality control inspection reports and live updates of activities. Delays and other risks are communicated.

Q: Does Complete Farmer offer certifications?
Yes, Complete Farmer works with certification organizations to make sure your crops meet international market standards and is acceptable. Complete Farmer farms are designed to meet several certification standards.

Q: Does Complete Farmer provide Audit and Traceability reports?
Audit reports and traceability reports can be provided upon request.

Q: Does CF provide test and chemical analysis reports for goods ordered?
Yes, Complete Farmer provides these upon request. You can specify the tests required when placing your order and a certified service provider will provide the required testing services.

Q: How does Complete Farmer ensure quality control to meet buyers specifications?
Complete Farmer does this by using Data-driven production protocols developed through research and data collected from a network of sensors on our farms. We also have a team of expert agronomists and growers who audits and manage the farms at every stage.

Q: What logistics options does Complete Farmer provide and what INCOTERM rules does Complete Farmer use?
The logistics options Complete Farmer provides cover Land, air and sea. Buyers are able to book their prefered logistics option on the platform. The INCOTERM rules Complete Farmer uses include ExWorks, FCA, FOB, CPT, CIP, CIF.

Q: What are the methods of payment?
The methods of payment available include letters of credit, pre-financing (30%), and CAD (Cash against documents). Discuss the method that suits your needs with the sales agent.

Q: How do I verify my order before shipping?
An independent auditor or SGS will perform an inspection at the farm (onsite) or at the port and send you inspection reports before the order is shipped.

Q: Does Complete Farmer handle all the necessary documentation required for export?
Depending on the INCOTERM rules for your order, Complete Farmer provides the required documents, this can be accessed on the buyer dashboard.

Q: When do I need to place my order with CF?
Depending on the crop and the growing duration, Complete Farmer will help you schedule the right sourcing schedule on your dashboard to make sure you get your crops when you need them.

Q: Can Complete Farmer grow other special crops to meet my requirements?
Yes, Our agronomist can develop production protocols to grow crops to your requirements. You can get in touch with a sales agent via email:, phone:+233501318474or via chat: Zendesk.


Q: Who is a Grower?
A Grower is any individual or farmer with land for crop cultivation and is interested in working with Complete Farmer to improve yields, reduce costs and farm sustainably for guaranteed premium markets. Complete Farmer works with Growers to ensure they meet market standards and certifications to feed global supply chains.

Q: What are the requirements for me to become a grower?
To become a Grower, fill the application form and submit all the requested documents. A Grower will have to go through the Complete Farmer Farm Management training to become a Grower on the platform. Grower preferred are those with at least 3 years experience or more and have had some experience farming specific crops.

Q: How many acres of land do I need to own before I become a grower?
Farmers with 5 acres or more lands can become Growers with Complete Farmer. Complete Farmer will work with you to scale your farm and help you realize the true potential of your fields. Growers will have to demonstrate that their farm has the capacity to cultivate crops according to the Complete Farmer Farm management system.

Q: Who will buy my produce?
As a Grower, you will be assigned a buyer at the beginning of your cultivation season and you will be growing crops to meet the specification of the assigned buyer. You are guaranteed a buyer at the end of the farming season.

Q: How long do I have to be a grower?
You can be a grower as long as there is a hungry person in some part of the world. There is no duration limit to how long you can be a Grower with Complete Farmer.

Q: How much do I pay to become a Grower?
Growers will only have to pay a base fee during onboarding onto the platform for the farm management training. Complete Farmer charges a net profit share brokerage fee at the end of harvest and sale of your crops to a buyer.

Q: How far away do my farms have to be before I can be a grower.
You can become a grower at any stage in the production season. However, to realize the full benefits of being a Grower, we will advise you to become a Grower before the start of your cultivation season to leverage on the full set of solutions to ensure you get the most out of your fields.

Q: Will I receive agronomic guidance and instructions as to how to grow my crops?
Complete Farmer will introduce Growers to its unique approach to farming and work with Growers to become expert Growers. Complete Farmer uses research-proven and data-driven cultivation protocols that enable Growers to farm sustainably and precisely to meet industry specification and meet various standards of certification. Our agronomists will guide you every step of the way. With our satellite-based farm management systems, experts from anywhere in the world will help give you unique insights on how to improve your crop yields.

Q: Do I grow the crops that Complete Farmer farms as well or do I grow my choice of crops?
Growers will have to only cultivate crops that have existing market demands on the Complete Farmer platform. Complete Farmer is dedicated to developing cultivation protocols for different crops and will make this available to Growers when completed to give them a competitive advantage across specific value chains.

Q: If my crops are exposed to yield threatening risks like pests, drought, floods, etc, what happens?
All Growers have access to a farm insurance package offered by Complete Farmer to ensure that they are protected from the risks of losing their crops to natural hazards and risks.

Q: Can I be a grower and a digifarmer?
Anyone can be a digifarmer. Growers can also be digifarmers and enjoy the experience of feeding the world.

We hope we’ve been able to answer all your questions. Nonetheless, if there are any more questions you have about any of the Complete Farmer products, simply reach out via email, or via call on+233201468190, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

There’s also more info on our current Ginger, Sweet Potato, and Chili farms on our website right here.

Begin your digital farming journey by signing up as DigifarmerBuyer, or Grower today, and enjoy long-term benefits.