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Trust and Responsibility

Trust and Responsibility

Earning trust

Farmers underpromise and overdeliver. Trust should always be earned, even in the workplace. Always communicate effectively with teammates and customers, set clear expectations on every deliverable, ask for support when needed, and deliver results while meeting deadlines. Trust allows your teammates to depend on you and vice versa.

Taking responsibility

Farmers show ownership by taking responsibility for the outcomes of their fields. They are not spectators. They act as champions and ensure excellence to raise the bar for others. Farmers sacrifice short term gains for long term rewards.

Disagree and Commit

The well being of a farm is the topmost priority for a farmer. Farmers have a backbone to commit to an action, even if their decisions, ideas and opinions aren’t agreed to. They challenge decisions, and criticize ideas to improve them. Farmers create environments in which the best ideas win, regardless of where or whom they came from.