About Us

We are the platform for everything agriculture

Our Vision

To be a global leader enabling leading innovative agribusiness solutions in Africa to secure sustainable livelihoods and food security.

Our Mission

Provide remarkable and innovative agribusiness solutions to our clients to enhance productivity, increase profitability and help them gain a competitive advantage across the agricultural value chain. To facilitate and build capacity and business analysis for the production and translation of high quality farmer training and farm produce to improve access of agripreneurs to resources, relevant knowledge and networks through partnerships, credible information, communication technologies and feedback mechanisms.

Key Indicators


Acres of farmland





Our Core Values

1. Empowering local innovations.
2. Environment friendliness and sustainability.
3. Human centered and love.
4. Integrity and Hard Work.

The Team

Founded in 2017 by a team of agricultural scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers, we provide the underlying technology platform that allows users to build and manage their farms.


Desmond Koney

CEO & Co-Founder


Andrew Quartey

CTO & Co-Founder


Charles Ofosuhene

COO & Co-Founder