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Our Six-Step Approach to Starting Your Dream Farm

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    Let's Start Farming!

    Your journey to owning a local farm starts when you raise your hand and declare, “I”m serious about starting a farm and I’m willing to put in the work!”

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    Draft a Farm Plan

    Why are you starting a farm? What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to serve?

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    Hit the Ground

    It’s time to get your hands dirty. We provide all the necessary services that would make sure your yield projections are met.

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    Learn and Grow

    Get practical knowledge from industry experts and professional farmers. Get current information from research institutes to help you make informed decisions.

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    Input Sourcing

    We provide a stress free way of getting quality and certified inputs from our partner suppliers to your farm.

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    Go to Market. Smell the Money

    We would get you the best deal and help you get to market. You decide and we would take you there.

Who We Are


Passionate Group of farmers, engineers, markets, and experts dedicated to increasing productivity in agriculture and ensuring food security of our planet. We started in 2016 with the believe anyone can become a CompleteFarmer when given the necessary assistance. With our diverse team, we provide a holistic approach to make farming as easy as putting food in your mouth.


We are constantly improving our methods with modern technology and farming techniques. Our tools are continually being upgraded to take advantage of new technologies and to address a changing farm marketing landscape. We have partnered with research institutions to provide update knowledge in farming. We have expert farmers trained to deliver results. We speak to language of farmers.


 We know you have a busy schedule. We would provide you reports and updates of your farm progress. We intend to make farming a luxurious hobby. With tools to make manging your farm easier, we are accountable and trusted. We provide live drone updates and pictures to keep you informed on whats happening on your farms. We believe to be a part of getting you there.


Every farmer is unique. Hence, we provide a custom tailored approach to meet your needs. With a dedicated personal customer service, we would be with you throughout  the process. We are ready to listen and plan with you every step of the way. We build your farm to suit your needs.

Why Choose Us

 There are many reasons our clients stick with us. We assist you all the way from beginning to end. We got you covered.

Proven and calculated Approach

Our six-step approach is designed to give any farmer a predictive and precise outcome to farming and better crop yields than traditional approach.

Risk reduction

CompleteFarmer mitigates the risk and undesirable uncertainties to farming by effective planning and proper logistic and supply chain management.

Time saving & Cost Effective

We have interventions and resource that would give you the most cost-effective solutions to handle your farming needs.

Modern technology

Get insights into modern farming agriculture technology and methods straight from the research labs at your finger tip. We bridge the gap between the lab and your farm to improve your yields.

Tailored Services

Get customized packages and service to meet your needs and fit your schedule and time. CompleteFarmer would your trusted partner to meet your needs.

What We Do

From start-to-finish, CompleteFarmer experts take you through a practical, personalised and customised experience where we walk you through every business basics, essentials and others needed to successfully thrive in the very risky and demanding agricultural space.

Farm Planning

Planning & Capacity Building

This includes, Revenue projections, Fixed and Variable Costs, A market survey,pricing strategy, A capital expense budget, net income and balance statements, Yield projections, Logistics and Supply,Marketing and promotions, Farm activity schedule, Business registration

Farm Inputs

Inputs & Sourcing

Invoicing, Purchases, Transportation, Tracking, Inventory Control, Payment Options, Price Negotiations, Promotions,Order Management, Farm Sales, Certified Supplies

Our goal is to help regenerate an appreciation
for locally supplied goods and services that are
produced with healthy practices and without
questionable fertilizers or pesticides. We are finding
that the quality speaks for itself and that more
people are satisfied that there is a healthy,
local option. CompleteFarmer helps me do this."

What other CompleteFarmers are saying:

- Dr Frank Nyarko, Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering, KNUST

This is a seriously nice program you guys have
developed. I like it more as I get in to it. The more
I fiugre it out, the more I appreciate how you have
streamlined the management of it from the farmer's
THANK YOU CompleteFarmer!

What other CompleteFarmers are saying:

- Mr. Ignatius Karikari, Lawyer, Osei Koomson and Associates

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