Farm to meet guaranteed markets demands

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Grow crops with data-driven cultivation protocols and get access to readily available markets globally to sell produce at competitive market prices.

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Redefining farming and the farmer

Precision Farming

You can farm to meet local and export market demands with Complete Farmer's cutting-edge technologies, asset-light approach and proprietary cultivation protocols.

Demand-Driven Farming

Secure buyers and grow exclusively to meet market specifications of buyers directly without middlemen or supply chain challenges.

Everyone Eats & Farms

Anyone can be a Grower with Complete Farmer. Develop, manage, and control efficient farms with Complete Farmer's farm management system and supply chain infrastructure on or off the farm.

Join the food production revolution

Whether you are already a farmer or just thinking of starting a farming venture, Complete Farmer provides an end-to-end platform to ensure increased profitability and reduced risks.

Crops Available

Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper

Chilli peppers are varieties of several plant species in the genus Capsicum. They can be herbaceous or shrub-like but are generally branching with green-brown stems and simple oval leaves. The plants produces flowers with five teeth (petals) which are usually white in color. Chilli pepper plants can reach heights in the range of 0.5 to 1.5 m (1.6–4.9 ft) tall and although they are perennial species, they are commonly grown as annuals, with fruit being harvested for one growing season.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

This variety may be the world’s most popular sweet potato. It is favored for high yields of uniform, reddish- purple potatoes with tasty, deep-orange flesh that keeps well in storage. It seems to have fewer problems with white grubs than some varieties and also resist cracking.

Soya Bean

Soya Bean

Soybean, Glycine max, is an herbaceous annual plant in the family Fabaceae grown for its edible seeds. The soybean plant is usually an erect bush with woody stems and alternately arranged leaves. The leaves possess three individual leaflets which are oval or lance-like in shape, growing to a length of 3–10 cm (1.2–4.0 in). The soybean plant produces small white or purple flowers and curved seed pods which are 3–15 cm (1.2–6 in) in length and can contain between 1 and 5 seeds. The seeds can be a variety of colors including yellow, green, brown, black or a mottled combination. Soybean is an annual plant, surviving only one growing season and can reach heights of 0.2–1.5 m (0.7–1.4 ft).



Is an herbaceous annual plant in the family Fabaceae grown for its oil and edible nuts.:

Getting started as a Grower

  • Add Land and farm manager

    Sign up and start farming. You can lease already available lands or add your own land, hire a farm manager and get your land accessed to recommend suitable crops to farm as a Grower.

  • Get matched

    After an assessment is performed, you will be matched with suitable crops to grow and you can select buyers who are looking to buy those crops from your land.

  • Start farming

    Start farming with precision by using Complete Farmer's proprietary cultivation protocols and technologies. Complete Farmer will provide all the necessary agronomic support and you can monitor work progress on your farms, even remotely.

  • Harvest and Sell

    After harvest, sell your farm produce at a Complete Farmer fulfillment centre close to your farm location. Buyers will arrange pickup from the fulfillment centre after grading and packing. Get paid by buyers once you deliver your crops at the fulfillment centre.

Add Land and farm manager

With the grower product, you get.

Precision Agriculture

Get access to data-driven cultivation protocols and other technologies to grow to meet international market standards sustainably.

Guaranteed Markets and Price

Sell your harvested produce to guaranteed and trustworthy buyers of your choice from a list of vetted buyers on the platform. Price and volume of demand are already contracted before cultivation begins.

Agronomic Support

Get real-time agronomic support directly from expert agronomists and research institutes to help you diagnose pests, weeds and recommend remedies to ensure your farm is successful.

grower Testimonials

What other growers say

Viknesh Ghandi

After a long search for a key distributor of agricultural produce in West Africa, I came by complete Farmer, a highly innovative tech company that deals with the finest produce for exports. My experience has just been amazing and I look forward to establishing a very long term partnership with Complete Farmer.

Josef Max Hajda

My frequent information request was always eventually provided. I am very happy, because for me it is a great investment with a good outcome. Of course, I really like your attitude and the concept behind your company and If I can earn money by supporting a business like yours which is truly revolutionising the agricultural sector, what could be better? I am not a farmer here and these are my first steps into agriculture but I want to continue and it is a part of my investment strategy now.

Nana Ama Reeni

Farming is profitable but it’s also hard work so I was happy to find out that I could profit from it without having to go through the stress. I was a bit hesitant at first because of the swindle stories I see online but with Complete Farmer, my fears proved totally unfounded. They were very transparent and kept me in the loop throughout the farm cycle with regular updates on my farm progress. At the end of the cycle, I received my payout just as they had promised. It was a great experience

Abdul Hark

From a reliable Customer Service to a captivating website my engagement with Complete Farmer has been fulfilling. Also, I receive timely updates on my farm progress. I’m looking forward to us having more deals this year and many years to come.


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